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40019 Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in 40019

Comprehensive dental care is something that knows no limits in terms of how old or young the patient is. From toddlers up to great grandparents (and beyond), you never lose the need to have your teeth and gums looked after with attentive expertise and a gentle touch. Here at Spring Family Dental, we are pleased to provide outstanding care and a range of essential services for all ages.

Our 40019 family dentist recommends that you bring your child in for her or his first visit as soon as those first teeth begin to erupt. Maintenance of baby teeth is crucial to what comes later. Those teeth may only be temporary, but they help in the course of speech development and to give your child his or her smile. Of course, there would be no ability to chew food without the baby teeth, either. And as they fall out on their normal schedule, our 40019 family dentist makes sure that the transition to adult teeth runs smoothly and as expected. Our entire staff is patient and works hard to make your child’s experiences here positive ones, since they will form the basis of adult attitudes about dentistry. Our adult patients get the same impressive level of care, with everything from restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures to cosmetic treatments like veneers and teeth whitening. Periodontal care is also done skillfully to ensure optimal oral wellness. We offer Invisalign for teeth straightening. And both root canals and extractions are performed.

What we’ve listed about encompasses only a portion of the services we 40019 family dentist make available to our valued patients every single day. At the top of the list is an initial oral examination and teeth cleaning, along with six month follow ups. While you’re thinking about it, this would be the perfect time to schedule a visit for yourself or one for your child.

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