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Dentist office in Eminence

Dentist in Eminence
Dentist in Eminence

With options such as digital radiography and oral cancer screening, you will find that we offer the expected as well as the unique here at Spring Family Dental. Our focus is no individual attention based on your needs and preferences with an eye toward getting results and building strong relationships with our patients that last for many years. And with expert pediatric care, too, feel confident about bringing your children in, too.

Our dentist in Eminence begins with an initial oral examination, which along with digital x-rays, allow for the establishment of your oral wellness right now, which points in the direction of where we’re headed as we move forward. Digital x-rays expose you to a lot less radiation than traditional ones, and give our dentist in Eminence a much better view of your teeth, inside and out. If you need one more fillings, that will be taken care of promptly. Prevention is a priority, which is why you will have a teeth cleaning every six months when you come in for a checkup. Restorative options include crowns (caps), bridges, and dentures. And we’re also happy to make dental implants available. It is a goal of ours to help you maintain a full complement of good-looking, strong teeth. Our cosmetic services are part of that, of course. Veneers cover up imperfections like chips, discoloration, crooked or misshapen teeth, and wide gaps. And thanks to our safe, effective teeth whitening, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your teeth being stained. Among our emergency treatments are root canal, tooth extractions, and addressing the effects of dental trauma. When an urgent matter arises, you can be sure of getting a prompt appointment with us.

Count on our dentist in Eminence for all your needs. Contact us right now and set up a visit for you alone or with your child.

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