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Dental plaque in Eminence

Spring Family Dental is an Eminence dentist office that treats tartar buildup and dental plaque in a friendly atmosphere. Our professional staff can help you learn more about the importance of regular cleanings and how we treat plaque, tartar and cavities here at our offices.

Keeping gums healthy is an important part of an oral care regimen. Gums are the supportive structure of the teeth, and gum disease or poor gum conditions can result in potential tooth loss. A regular cleaning done at our Eminence dentist office allows us to get into the crevices between teeth and gums and where regular brushing and flossing alone cannot. A dental cleaning can help ward off tooth decay and remove tartar. Tooth decay can make teeth more susceptible to cavities. Brushing and flossing alone is not sufficient for removing plaque and tartar, and even with daily care, cannot get rid of plaque buildup the way dental tools can. At each exam a routine checkup is performed and we will also check the gums for healthy tissue.

Dental care is important and should be a priority from a young age, so kids can learn the proper steps to keeping teeth healthy and clear of cavities and other oral problems that can cause dental trouble. Both adults and children are recommended to have a cleaning at least once per year. Children under 4 should come in for a cleaning to remove dental plaque at our Eminence dentist office once teeth develop, and again right before starting school, to ensure their teeth do not have any cavities. We can also apply sealants, which are a barrier painted over the child’s teeth to prevent sugars from creating tooth decay and cavities. Our goal is to always promote great dental care for you and your family over a lifetime!

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