Eminence Root Canal

Eminence Root Canal

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Root Canal Therapy in Eminence

Of all the treatments for tooth pain, the one that is unfairly given negative associations is root canal therapy. Fortunately, we at Spring Family Dental can say with confidence that due to the advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment used, you won’t have to be at all nervous about this procedure. In fact, most of our patients tell us that they felt no discomfort at all, or very little. And you’ll get to keep your natural tooth, which is always the most favorable outcome.

The only way to be certain that you need our Eminence root canal is to come in for an examination and x-rays, but there are signs that will alert you to a problem and the likelihood that this is the procedure you’re going to need to remedy the situation. Among them are pain, especially when chewing or when applying pressure to the tooth. The degree of pain can be mild up to severe, but should never be ignored or put off. Other possible symptoms are sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, gum tenderness, tooth discoloration, and swelling. If the diagnosis is an infection inside your tooth, the remedy is our Eminence root canal. After administering the proper amount of local anesthesia to numb you, our dentist proceeds to access the base of your tooth, remove the infected pulp and the nerve, and then clean and disinfect the canals. The final part is sealing the canals to help in the avoidance of further infection. Upon full healing, impressions are taken so that a dental crown can be fashioned to restore the tooth to normal appearance, size, and function.

If you think you may need our Eminence root canal due to experiencing any of the indications listed above, don’t hesitate. Contact us and we will make sure that you are seen as quickly as can be managed. We don’t want you to suffer needlessly.

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